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    av Cathrine Feldt. The book that makes learning fun! The book is translated into English, French and German. 

    This is an easy-to-read book, which is divided into four chapters where you will follow Adrian and Markus starting school, going on holiday, in the zoo and at a restaurant.

    The Norwegian edition is the main book adapted for children, and the translation of the books extends the target group to language students. These can be used both in school and for adult learning. Globalization and an increasing number of bilingual and multilingual families also make this a good alternative for children in Norway whose parents have a different first language. 
    The content has a conscious positive focus based on a variety of situations relating to Norwegian norms in a social context that contributes to language education. This is noticeable in the choice of maps, as well as holiday destinations and the Norwegian alphabet, as English, French and German do have some differences from Norway.
    Reading should be enjoyable. Through immersion and social contexts that children can relate to, language learning can be fun.

    NOK 189.00